TAS: Super Mario Bros 3 - Glitch to Ending


TAS: Super Mario Bros 3 - Glitch to Ending

This TAS takes advantage of a glitch in SMB3 where taking a pipe in 7-1 the wrong direction glitches the program such that it executes invalid instructions.

By playing carefully, it is possible to use enemy positions and other factors to essentially write a mini-program which skips to the credit sequence without beating Bowser or even entering World 8!

This was the first video to demonstrate a successful game-end glitch in SMB3. Tompa and I made a start-to-finish TAS optimized for speed here: https://youtu.be/PUdHMr2-U9s

I also made a TAS that expands on this glitch to inject new code into SMB3 gameplay, such as a Super-Metroid-style speed boost: https://youtu.be/olivoNlJphg

For more information on how this was done, see: http://tasvideos.org/4288S.html

Thanks to RAT926, HHS, MUGG & the rest at tasvideos.



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