TAS/TAP SNES UMK3 - Kabal Playthrough by Dark Noob


TAS/TAP SNES UMK3 - Kabal Playthrough by Dark Noob

you are watching Tool assisted playthrough played by Dark Noob. The author uses variety combos, show funny situation and glitches during the gameplay to bring entertaiment.
Tool assisted are videos produced on specials emulators. This " special " means have addition tools to play the game that in the case are slowmotion, frameadvance and save/load state ( they are basic tools ). There is not none file cheat or game modification involved.
No way, TAS runs are to say that this videos is the real skill of the author, because they are different worlds. when you watching a TAS video all what you see as tricks glitches and stuff are 100% done on a real console, however by a unhuman skill.
Following this reasoning, The intention of a TAS videos are overcome the human limitation and take the game to the limits with impressive moves and advanced stuff generating a entertaiment for you and other viewers.
The MKTAScommunity is a community dedicated to this type of video but we only working making fighting game video mainly Mortal Kombat Series.
When you see the name (hack) in some video title are only roms modificated without any idea of ​​easy gameplay but only crazy gameplay, for exemple Mortal Kombat revelations, Ultimate Mortal Kombat trilogy..etc.
More information see: http://mktascommunity.foromotion.net



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