Sonic Adventure 2 Battle(TAS): Eggman 2 in 13.95 TAS WR


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle(TAS): Eggman 2 in 13.95 TAS WR

Don't ever throw away what you may think is useless, because by looking into it with the right mindset, you may discover a good purpose for it.

For a long time it was known (not to me) that you can input anything (that's not the pause button) for a single frame, right at the beginning of a boss fight. I discovered it by accident while doing a hero story run, but soon found out that as far as everyone knew, nothing useful could be done with it on SA2 (it is useful on SADX though) because you can't do much in a single frame. But a consensus on the uselessness only makes me want to find something cool to do with it.

Since you can't hit the boss with a shot launched at that frame, I did the next best thing, change your initial facing angle, such that it is perfectly aligned with the boss. But you can't change your facing angle too much by holding right for a single frame if you're a mech, so I had to find a way to change it even more than using that method. And what I found was that by jumping AND holding right during that frame, I could change my facing angle just enough to give me what I wanted (for the most part).

Regarding this fight alone, the other 2 frames came from manipulating Eggman into running towards my shot, so I managed to hit him 3 frames faster than the Hero Story TAS. From there it was just a matter of getting frame perfect shots and we're done.

The conclusion is, I got this "useless thing" and saved 5 frames (so far) over the Hero Story TAS with it. 1 on Eggman 1, 1 on GF and the 3 you see here. Not so useless anymore lol.

PS: Someone with a sharp eye may think that I lost a frame between the first and second shots, but that wasn't the case. Eggman's invincibility frames last 1 frame longer after the first hit and I don't know why (yet). And of course this makes Tails 1 and 2 faster as well, but I didn't bother TASing those yet. And I'll see if I can find more places where this can be useful, even if just for a TAS.

I hope you guys like it and now go get that RTA WR!

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