[TAS] Eternal Champions CD (SCD) Shadow Yamoto [NO BOSS BATTLE] [1080p]


[TAS] Eternal Champions CD (SCD) Shadow Yamoto [NO BOSS BATTLE] [1080p]

By: BrunoRaji

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Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side is a fighting video game for the Sega CD/Mega-CD. It was published in February 1995 in North America and during the same year in Europe.

Like the first game, Eternal Champions CD follows the story of the Eternal Champion, who felt the balance of the universe and time had been disturbed by the deaths of key individuals who had been destined to change the world for the greater good. To restore the balance, he held a great contest in which the winner would be granted the gift of new life, allowing them to fulfill their rightful destiny. In this second chapter, it is revealed that the Eternal Champion has an evil counterpart: the Dark Champion. The Dark Champion appears and declares that he also will enter the contest, and that he has hidden four more warriors, preventing the contest from truly being fulfilled. The contestants must not only achieve the aims of the Eternal Champion but also face the Dark Champion, if they want their lives back.



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