Chillax Map02 UV Max in 10m40s by Rodster [TAS]


Chillax Map02 UV Max in 10m40s by Rodster [TAS]

TAS = Tool-Assisted Speedrun
Map 01 here: https://youtu.be/mvFjlA3e1g8

This is a fully-built TOOL ASSISTED SPEEDRUN.

Runner: Rodster
Category: UV Max
Complevel: 9 (Boom)
Time: 10:40 (Intermission Screen)

IWAD: Doom2
PWAD: chillax-v9.7.2FIXED

Port: glboom-plus
Tools: XDRE 2.20 (thanks Vita for this version)

I liked Map 01 better, but this map is good too, though I would like to note to make the monster dummy sectors rather wide than deep, because deep dummy sectors might cause the monsters to walk a long way until they finally go into the teleporter. Walking is good and healthy, but I was desperately waiting for them to spawn into the final room.

Rocket Ammo and Plasma Ammo is just enough, which is nice, but there is a bit too much Shotgun Ammo. I don't know the purpose for the 8 Archviles in the last room. They cause more pain than fun because you can't hide anywhere, thankfully the three (especially the one cyber on the other side of the room) helped me out. I saw the "luring cyber into final room" strategy from Azuruish's run of this map.



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