SSB64 ~ Ness [Handicap] Vs. 3 Metal Mario's (TAS)


SSB64 ~ Ness [Handicap] Vs. 3 Metal Mario's (TAS)

Super Smash Bros 64 ~ Tool-Assisted Speedrun.

TAS request by MTA.

It's really a long time since i have uploaded a Super Smash Bros 64 mtach TAS, hope this isn't too boring to watch.
And sorry i forgot to encode this time in 60FPS i hope you can forgive me.

Memory Hack Software was used to change the value's of the charakters and stage.

Super Smash Bros 64 ~ Tool-Assisted Speedrun
Player: DennisBalow
Version: American
Rerecords: 2014

You can follow me here if you want to. =)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DennisBalow
Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/DennisBalow

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