[TAS] Robotron 64 - Insane Difficulty First 20 Levels


[TAS] Robotron 64 - Insane Difficulty First 20 Levels

This is a Tool-Assisted Superplay/Speedrun (often abbreviated to "TAS") where a player can edit, rerecord, and manipulate a game into doing whatever that person desires. Visit http://tasvideos.org/ for more information.

Robotron 64 is a frantic arcade shooter that gets its speed ramped up super high when it comes to TASing! Even on the hardest difficulty, most levels get obliterated in just a few seconds!

This TAS is only of the first 20 levels, and it would be quite a challenge to make a reasonably optimized TAS of the full game given how much lag there is to handle, as well as everything being RNG-based. There's also quite a few potentially interesting categories possible including any%, any% no warps, or even going for a high score. Perhaps someone will spend the time to try it someday. It's pretty fun!



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