[TAS] Project M: The Subspace Emissary: Battleship Halberd Interior in 1:56.10


[TAS] Project M: The Subspace Emissary: Battleship Halberd Interior in 1:56.10

In which Snake goes against the foundation of his own game, while Meta Knight goes against the security measures of his own ship. A cameraman is fired, and a Green Shell is used. Such is the normality of The TASlight Zone.

Featuring a timesave of 16 Seconds and 13 Frames primarily thanks to the Camera Lock skip I found in the third room. There's only a single place in the room where a ceiling doesn't exist (That being the area from which you drop down from), and I exploit that by Green Shell hopping my way above the wall, around the stage, and reaching the door from underneath. Because Meta Knight is initially obscured by the stage texture while roaming around Out of Bounds, I recorded the section in Wireframe as well as normally. With Wireframe only rendering the polygons themselves with the color of their textures, this effectively doubles as X-Ray with the stage texture only taking up a single polygon. Meta Knight shines like a light in the dark with his high polygon model in comparison.

That being said, unmodifiable RNG costed me some time during the vs. Peach & Zelda fight. I'll see if I can fix that.
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