[TAS] Super Mario 64 - Go to Town for Red Coins (+100 coins) 1'16"37


[TAS] Super Mario 64 - Go to Town for Red Coins (+100 coins) 1'16"37

EDIT2: This star has been improved by 5 seconds (by me): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dl6WI...


EDIT: according to a discussion with tyler kehne, it may be possible to do a double OJ such that Mario touches the water tap for 1f, and then gets thrown into the water (warping to the top of the stage). This would save almost 10 whole seconds if it could be done.

100c is 1'11"47

I had a PU map and speed indicators but my Sony Vegas wasn't being cooperative so i had to exclude it

I'm still pretty new to PU. The movement into the second part of the town might be improvable (appear closer to the water switch), but it's difficult because you need a very precise speed to hit the loading zone before you jump back into the town.

shoutout to Timestoppa and Pannenkoek2012 for answering some questions and lending me the tools to calculate PU positions

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