[TAS] Tomatobird's Singlestars - Behind 3"20


[TAS] Tomatobird's Singlestars - Behind 3"20

Hack by TomatoBird8. Ties Dar Gos but can get 3"20 with ground pound AND landing on box (sort of). This is not fastest way to hit ground (pretty sure) because Mario doesn't smoothly land on the box if you look carefully, but this is fastest in game timer run like Dar Gos' video. Whether I ground pound or not it's 3"20. 3"17 might be possible but wasn't easy for me to optimize further and didn't check how many units I was away from saving another frame.

Great little mini-hack tomatobird8! I will probably try more stars later. TASed the intro for the heck of it. 😛




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