(OUTDATED) [TAS] New Super Mario Bros. Wii: 43,950 Point Run


(OUTDATED) [TAS] New Super Mario Bros. Wii: 43,950 Point Run

Here's an updated TAS by Elomavi that gets 650 points less: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4m0X...

Here's a breakdown of the point total:

Every second left on the timer when finishing a level equals 50 points. Because you die on the frame the timer reaches 0, every level has an absolute minimum of 50 points, or 1 second.

Power Ups on the World Map do not give points, so I used the Mushroom House after beating 1-2 to get a Propeller Mushroom and a Star. I used the Propeller Mushroom to help get to the 1-3 Secret Exit without collecting any coins, and the Star to skip an Overworld Enemy fight, which would force several thousand points to be added.

World 5-2 and 5-3 both have an enemy waiting at the end of the level. Touching the flagpole kills all the enemies on the screen, and the first enemy gives 1,000 points. The differences between 5-2 and 5-3 is that the 5-2 enemy is unkillable by normal means, so it would've given me 1,000 points. The enemy in 5-3 can be jumped on, so I jumped on it for 200 points instead of 1,000, making the level total 250 points.

The Koopalings give 8,000 points regardless of whether you jump on them or use a Fire Flower on them, so 5-Tower gives 8,050 points. 8000 for defeating Iggy Koopa, and 50 for the last second remaining.

The 5-Ghost House's Secret Exit forces 15,000 points to be gained due to the Boos at the end of the flagpole (1,000+2,000+4,000+8,000), so the total for the level is 15,050.

World 8-Airship is the same case as World 5-Tower, with Bowser Jr. being 8,000 Points.

World 8-Castle forces you to collect one coin by entering the pipe to the Boss Room entrance. I don't think that there's any way to skip getting the coin, so that's an extra 100 points alongside the 12,000 points acquired from beating both of Bowser's Phases. The total for the level is 12,150.

So, the point total is:


= 43,950 points.

I've done calculations, and this seems to be the best that can be done. One would assume that you could go onward to World 6 and use its Warp Cannon to go to World 8 without getting the 15,000 points from the Boos, but it isn't worth it. There's two more mandatory boss fights (5-Castle and 6-Tower) alongside the host of other levels in between, that add up to over 16,000 points from the levels themselves.

I decided to cut out all of the time it took for the timer to count down, so all of you didn't have to watch me doing nothing for ages. Vegeta's Scream at the end of 5-Ghost House was edited in, of course, representing my unyielding rage at the Boos at the end with their unneeded 15,000 points.
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