Jabu Jabu as Adult Without Sword (TAS)


Jabu Jabu as Adult Without Sword (TAS)

I'm sorry for all fans of the infamous "Soltov-Slide" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SWm5t...), but this should make it obsolete in pretty much all situations, in which it could possibly be useful.

I include 3 versions in this video, because I got 2 different versions of this before I finally got it done the way I wanted it. And if I have them, why not show them as well? I also added slowdowns, so it gets easier for the console guys to understand and create setups.

So how this work? When you are Hoversliding, you are normally losing a little bit of speed each frame. In order to clip the corner, you need full superslide speed (-18), so once you reach the corner, you are actually too slow to clip through it. The trick is to keep HISSing during the Hoverslide, which makes you keep all of the speed. By instantly doing a backflip after ending the HISS, you still have -18 speed at the first frame of your backflip, which is enough to clip through the corner. The transition from the HISS into the backflip has to be done frame perfectly or else you lose too much speed and clipping becomes impossible.

Version 2 should be the easiest to create a setup of. All you have to do is holding the ESS angle to the left for the whole slide and once you are in front of the ice, you press Z+ the right angle on your stick and instantly backflip on the next frame. Should even be easier than the Megaflip method, which uses ISG.

Btw, don't tell me that version 3 is pointless because I use a Sword there. Of course, it is, but as it looks quite cool I decided to include it. The Sword is somewhat "cheated" here. I didn't want to re-do everything just to be able to record this version, so I used MHS and manipulated the value of my B button to turn the Boomerang into a Sword.



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