TAS The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles NES in 10:50 by XTREMAL93


TAS The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles NES in 10:50 by XTREMAL93

Tool assisted Speedrun of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles for NES
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles is an action video game developed and published by Jaleco for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in January 1993. It is based on the 1990s television series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles features side-scrolling platform gameplay with the player controlling Indiana Jones. Weapons include dynamite, daggers, grenades, and guns, as well as Indiana's whip. The player begins only with the whip, which is replaced by the next weapon the player picks up. Weapons, as well as gold and other items, are picked up by destroying boxes. Weapons and items serve as Indiana's health: each time he is hit by an enemy, he loses a possession. If Indiana has no more possessions, he must use his fists to defend himself, and will die if hit again.
The game features eight levels played across three locations: Mexico (two levels), France (two levels), and Germany (four levels). The game's early levels are based on episodes of the television series, while later levels feature an original storyline. As Indiana, the player begins by fighting in the Mexican Civil War, and subsequently fights in Europe during World War I. Each level features a boss enemy that must be defeated



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