Friday The 13th (NES) in 3:03 (TAS) By: Phil Cote


Friday The 13th (NES) in 3:03 (TAS) By: Phil Cote

This is Phil Cote's speedrun of Friday The 13th for the NES.

- Aims for fastest time
- Takes SOME damage, not no damage. Get it? Some, SOME... SOME!!!
- Manipulates luck
- Genre: Action
- Genre: Platform

Selected notes from the author:

One of the games with the most randomness I have ever seen. Each game has a different starting location for the player and even Jason Voorhees himself.

Tool Assisted - these games are played using a emulator at super slow speeds and save states. The goal is to provide entertainment by showing off game glitches and beating the game as fast as possible.
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