[MKWii - TAS] Iceway 56.550


[MKWii - TAS] Iceway 56.550

I'm pretty satistified with this run.
Lap one is pretty improvvable tho, but I didnt feel like redoing it after getting such an amazing Lap 2 SC which cost me around 2hours but it definetly was totally worth it.
It just looks super awesome and saves around 6 seconds more than the normal beginning shortcut.
I don't take any credits for the Shortcut in lap 1 (MewwyMK found it) and the respawn glitch for lap 3 and I actually really didnt know who discovered this first, just saw it on some BKT Videos but also there I don't know who uploaded them, sry for this.
If the guy who found it can prove it I'm gonna give him credit here in the description.
Also I wanted to say sorry that I wan't able to upload so many videos in the last time.
Reason for that is that my program that I use to render isnt working anymore (always gives me errors when it rendered the video by ~89%) and if I can render it completly after many attempts it takes sooooo long ( around a hour for 45 video seconds).
From now on im gonna use Sony Vegas (thx to awesomelp / www.youtube.com/Awesomlp) for helping me with it.
Probably the Video won't look so good (quality + frames) because I cant use some features that APP had.
Maybe I can find a way to fix that in the future but if not, I hope that the quality isnt too bad and that its still enjoyable to watch.
Some Information to new videos:
- I definetly gonna do more TAS'es 'cause I got some motivation for it
- I'm also planning on making to make some tutorials for various shortcuts, glitches and strats....further information on that on the first tutorial video.
- When I get the WiiU + a HDPVR I maybe gonna upload some content from that too
- I already thought about doing more MKWiiU stuff then MKWii, we'll see how it goes on with MKWii, if there will still be a big group thats ineterested in it and especially if I feel like playing it anymore, because if I dont like to play that game anymore you'll notice that at my videos....
So first we just have to wait 'til MKWiiU comes out, what features does it have, if the bikes will return, what physics it will have etc...
Nothing known about it yet.
Soooo....I don't really think that you read the whole description but still I hope so.
Again sorry for my english.
FUCK....accidently used the same music as in my Coconut Mall Video...didnt noticed that 'til it was uploaded -.-'''
I hope that its not tooo bad....never gonna happen again...sorry

• Music ⇒ Pokemon Black&White 2 - Plasma Frigate Deck ♪



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