F-ZERO GX Story Mode ~ Chapter 2 (0'15"854) 【TAS】


F-ZERO GX Story Mode ~ Chapter 2 (0'15"854) 【TAS】

Chap. 2 on (Normal) difficulty done in 15"854

Slightly more than 10 seconds faster than my former TAS. Why my former TAS was more than 10 seconds slower is because it was a "Non-SBing" run, which means I didn't include the advanced technique called Shift Boosting in it. The final shortcut I used here may actually be slightly slower than just driving on the road. I haven't checked it, so I wouldn't be able to tell.

There is NOT any form of ''hacking'' or ''cheating'' involved in this run. Only perfect inputs, frame-by-frame speed, save state / re-recording were used to make a demonstration of how the game would look like when it's pushed near to its limits. Humans can't do such in a console-run, indeed.

TAS = Tool-Assisted (Speedrun/Superplay/Snaking)

GCN/Wii Emulator: Dolphin r6237 32-bit.
ISO: NTSC-U Version of F-Zero GX.
Gamespeed: NTSC 60Hz
Re-Records: Many... Ø__ø

Machine engine settings: Max Acceleration

Sorry about the lack of ''In-Game Audio''. This old version can't record that, but I believe It can be done in my next TAS, which uses the r7376 instead of r6237.

Music: Phoenix's Theme from F-Zero GX/AX OST.


Link to my former Non-SBing TAS:

I hope Samurai Goroh won't challenge C. Falcon again after this! ;-p

P.S. To those who are wondering about how I got the average speed:

The average speed was calculated by summarizing the speed from every frame then dividing it on the number of frames. This is the most accurate way to calculate it.

4,225,516.00 (km/h) / 953 frames = 4,433.9097586568730... ≈ 4,433.91 km/h
Average Speed = 4,433.91 km/h

Also, just to make sure you understand that I did it correctly, there are a total of 953 frames (15"883), because the speed starts to accelerate already on the frame which got the time of 00''000. The last frame of speed is the frame which got the time of 15''866. So even if my time is 15"854, I get the frame that lasts between (15"851-15"866) to count towards the average speed.

Remember that 15"883 equals 953 frames when the game has a framerate of 60.

So yeah, shorter and easier said:
Summation of Speed per Frame / Number of Frames = Average Speed
4,225,516.00 / 953 = 4,433.91 km/h



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