F-ZERO GX Story Mode ~ Chapter 5 (0'11"790) 【TAS】


F-ZERO GX Story Mode ~ Chapter 5 (0'11"790) 【TAS】

Story Mode ~ Chapter 5: Save Jody!
Difficulty: Normal
(Approx. 50 seconds limit & slightly more energy gained by the capsules compared to Hard and Very Hard difficulty level).

TAS = Tool-Assisted (Speedrun/Superplay/Snaking)

There's not any hacking or cheating involved in this run. A tool-assisted run is created by using special tools on an emulator which allows to: slow down the game to frame-by-frame speed, use save state and re-recording in order to make the run as optimized as possible. It's just a demonstration of how the game would look like when it's pushed near to its limits. It's not meant to be compared to human performed runs.

GCN/Wii Emulator: Dolphin V3.0-306 (32-bit)
ISO: NTSC-U Version of F-Zero GX
Speed: NTSC 60Hz
Re-Records: 20~25 hours of work...

Non-TAS WR is 29"589 by CGN

Chapter 1 TAS:

Chapter 2 TAS:

Credits to Mugg1991 for recommending me to use a better encoder.
You can visit his awesome channel below:



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