[TAS] PSX Mega Man X4 ''Zero, 100%'' by McBobX in 37:23.05


[TAS] PSX Mega Man X4 ''Zero, 100%'' by McBobX in 37:23.05

This a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information see:

In previous Mega Man X games, X would do all the real fighting while Zero would say he was off to destroy power sources and do other such unverifiable tasks. Zero even had the audacity to tell him that one day X would be as strong as him.
This time, X lays back and lets Zero put his money lightsaber where his mouth is, leaving Zero to fight off an entire army as well as Sigma. Zero does such a good job showing how much better he is than X that the series has been transformed for TASVideos to be a Zero series from here on out.

In this run, the author completes the game with all items that Zero can pick such as heart tank, sub tank or EX item.



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