TAs and group work/1:1 questioning


TAs and group work/1:1 questioning

These are professional short films of Teaching Assistants working in international schools. The focus of each video is: 1)The diverse role of the TA; 2) The diverse background: TA case studies; 3) TAs and the international curriculum and ethos; 4) TAs and group work/1:1 questioning; 5) TAs supporting English as an Additional Language (EAL). These videos begin to address the role and background of the TA and the 'best practice' teaching and learning skills used by TA working in international schools to support the internationally diverse learner. Ultimately the children, with whom these TAs work, their education and life chance opportunities, will be developed. These videos will be used in a number of Education, Children and Young People teaching programmes at the University of Northampton.

Find out more about The University of Northampton at http://www.northampton.ac.uk



【TAS/コメ付】モンスターハンター3トライ Part1 続き↓↓↓ Part2: Part1: Part3: Part5: Part1: Part4: Part1: Part3: Part1: Pa ...


コメ付き TAS モンスターハンター3トライ Part8 コメ付き TAS モンスターハンター3トライ Part8石ころに当たって涙目敗走のクソ雑魚村4ラギアクルス撃退~村5緊急までここまでの追記数は ...


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