F-Zero GX - Aeropolis Multiplex TAS (40"882)


F-Zero GX - Aeropolis Multiplex TAS (40"882)

Audio is a bit desynced, particularly in the 2nd half. Also, I just realized that the 1 frame button presses aren't showing up on the display (´∀`;).

Ten secs saved over the previous TAS, however there's still quite some room for improvement. There's always going to be time to be found in the first part of the lap, and the boost management is kinda awkward here. Also kicking myself for not going for the 12"345 lap 2.

Time: 0'40"882 (17"303+12"342+11"237)
Max speed: 13847 km/h
Average speed: 4619 km/h

Machine: Gallant Star-G4
Settings: 100% maxspeed
Restrictions: No checkpoint skipping / HSSA

Files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folder...



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