[Hack] SMW2+2 (TAS) 5-2 : Fish with big Appetites 100%


[Hack] SMW2+2 (TAS) 5-2 : Fish with big Appetites 100%

Just another individual level of a Yoshi's Island Rom Hack

In the one room i jumped into the water to get 2 red coins, I have try it a long time to get it without jumping into the water, but I didn't got anything to work.
Also the way for the last flower could be better but this was the best fish RNG what I got there after a long time.
Also I am not sure if I did the submarine part good, because I don't really know whether there are any other inputs for a TAS, so I did it like how one doing it with Non-TAS.

Hack was made by Golden Yoshi

NTSC-U Version
Player: Rene Balow
Played on SNES9x rerecording 1.43 v18
Rerecords: 4749
TAS (Tool Assisted Speedrun)



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