[TAS] Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack "Maximum Earnings" in 1:07.206


[TAS] Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack "Maximum Earnings" in 1:07.206

TAS notes: http://tasvideos.org/6233S.html

The goal of this run is to start with $1 and turn it into the $9999 maximum. Normally, this would be a hard speedrun category to even complete. But with luck manipulation, we can not only win every round, but get a Blackjack on most of them which is 1.5x earnings for each. Click on the link to the TAS notes for more info.

TAS time: 1:07.206 (power on to last input)
RTA time: 1:10.43 (selecting a wallet size of 1 to when a wallet size of 9999 is reached)



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