[TAS] Super Mario 64 "16 Stars" in 13:28


[TAS] Super Mario 64 "16 Stars" in 13:28

Submission: http://tasvideos.org/2976S.html

This run was built in less than a week and is mainly made from hex editing. I asked some SM64 TASers if they would let me use their optimized single star runs and they gladly accepted, which led to this masterpiece. I really hope you enjoy this run!

This run is an improvement of 2 minutes and 58 seconds to the first "16 stars" TAS by Spezzafer and an improvement of 30.6 seconds to the last "16 stars" TAS made by DennisBalow and ReneBalow.

Star times (excluding text messages):

Bowser in the Dark World Red Coins - 34"90
Blast Away the Wall - 7"17
Fall onto the Caged Island - 9"20
Shoot into the Wild Blue - 9"23
Inside the Ancient Pyramid - 16"95
Shining Atop the Pyramid - 6"13
In the Talons of the Big Bird - 13"67
Hot-Foot-It into the Volcano - 16"07
8-Coin Puzzle with 15 Pieces - 13"90
Red-Hot Log Rolling - 7"53
Boil the Big Bully - 14"37
Swimming Beast in the Cavern - 14"90
Watch for Rolling Rocks - 14"13
A-Maze-ing Emergency Exit - 10"77
Board Bowser's Sub - 33"48
Bowser in the Fire Sea - 22"27
Bowser in the Sky - 29"30



He did Boil the Big Bully (which was a pain to hex, along with Watch for Rolling Rocks).


He did Bowser in the Dark World Red Coins, 8-Coin Puzzle with 15 Pieces, Watch for Rolling Rocks and Bowser in the Sky entry. Huge thanks to him, since I was struggling with that last part.


He did Hot-Foot-It into the Volcano, Shining Atop the Pyramid and Inside the Ancient Pyramid.

-The "0 stars" team:

They let me use their Lakitu skip, Bowser in the Dark World entry, Bowser in the Fire Sea and Bowser in the Sky.

-The Japanese SM64 community:

They did Fall onto the Caged Island and Shoot into the Wild Blue.

Special thanks to:


He supported me and helped hexing the rerecords.

-Efrain and Jesus:

They let me take a look at their "16 stars" WIP which helped me saving 1 frame from the second key door to Shifting Sand Land.

-DennisBalow and ReneBalow:

Their "16 stars" TAS helped me for comparison.

-The SM64.org community:

For keeping SM64 speedrunning, hacking and TASing alive!



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