[HD TAS] Super Mario Galaxy 2 - The Perfect Run in 2'19"93


[HD TAS] Super Mario Galaxy 2 - The Perfect Run in 2'19"93

For my 10th SMG2 TAS, I present the final star in the game: The Perfect Run.
This was requested by a couple different people, and I couldn't help myself with wanting to see a.....perfect run, lol. Sub 2'20 is pretty cool IMO. ^__^

Here's some notes about each section (in order):
- Infinite flutter is not useful in this area (unlike the first star in Grandmaster Galaxy) because there's 1, no goombas to bounce from, and 2, too many enemies and bombs in the way.
- The far left "?" block is annoying to optimize because it will go back to being blue if you touch it with Yoshi's pinky toe. Hence my weird angles and appearing to walk on nothing.
- CLOUDS!! I tried to infinite flutter/momentum backflip to here, but it failed: http://i.imgur.com/SfDJNd3.png
- I think it's time to redo my Flip Swap Green Star TAS from 2012! I understand these platforms better as you can see. 🙂
- Shoutout to the goomba that sacrificed his life to help me find this strategy on accident. He was a good man. Annnnd Pull Stars are fun.
- You need to be to the left enough to force the 3 Boomerang Bros. to line up on the right. The launch star cannot be launched from sooner than when I do it, that's why my delay due to spin kicking is irrelevant.
- This section is nonexistent in the first star of this Galaxy. The star appears where the previous launch star did. So umm...say "hi" to Rosalina I suppose. You'll be seeing her more when I TAS SMG1 "61 Stars" (any%)!

Hope everyone is pleased with the outcome of this! Feel free to suggest more cool/fun stars.

Here's all of my SMG2 stars: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...

SMG2 source over at SDA: https://kb.speeddemosarchive.com/Supe...

Feel free to suggest any stars you'd like to see!

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