Mario Must Die TAS 100% in 44:03.73


Mario Must Die TAS 100% in 44:03.73

Frames 158624
Re-records 14891
Hack By Sokobansolver
This is a improvement of 6177 frames (102,95 seconds) over the previous run 45:46.68 by myself.
Frames saved.
Intro: i did to save 2 frames here using another version ( i currently use snes 1.43 v16 svn 146)
Adrenaline Rush:(215) I use press A,B every 3 frames everytime reach in 49 speed to keep this for 3 frames and back to running and repeat again. I use wall jump after press switch to go more faster .I tryed to reach in pipe in second room faster and i save some frames.In third room i hit purple block instead hitting ceiling to save time.
Coin Block Cavern (761) After get springboard and hitting invi-block i use wall-jump instead two and i did to keep 49 speed to reach in pipe. In vertical part i did a great improve picking feather instead waiting and in the last room i save frame keeping Mario in air istead touching in ground and spinjumping again in blargg. Saved 546 frames.
Super Drowning Skillz: (2181) Yeah guys in almost level i use 1/1 swimming. in vertical level i founded another new way to reach in door and using p-switch i use to Mario pass in small tunnels every time is the big without wasting time losing mushroom to pass and i use only five mushrooms.In next room i did to keep 1/1 without hitting invi-block and in last room the same.I saved much frames over another levels saved 1420 frames.
Keep Moving (2416) i did to save in first room saving around 80-150 frames not using scroll and using the super shell instead walljump .In second room i did saving time use music block one time instead two and reach 49 speed with yoshi more fast back to this with p-switch i lost frames using shell to hit p-switch to reach in rope. I saved 235 frames.
Mario Graveyard (2928) i did saving around 3-5 second in first room .,In layer 2 room i not go to exit yellow water fast to get a position corretly in boo generator.After die i did saving one second over my previous run but i lost 1 second over my another previous run.In boss room i save some frames spitting off springboard in boo in first frame possible .In this level i saved 512 frames.
Impossible Palace (3204) i use another way to save time picking switch to yoshi appears and kicking to mushroom appears picking switch again using yoshi's tongue and picking mushrrom most fast possible to reach in pipe .i lost some frames hitting the direction coins block.
OverWorld (3213) I get 9 frames using frame advance to pass in first possible frame
Take A Feather (3212) I lost frame for someone reason i don't know why.
Fish Stnx 2 (4432) After picking mushroom i hit the block fast possible and picking purple block fast possible to reach in shell i use wall jump to go more fast, after pick the switch i hitting some logs to gain speed.In night room i found a way to pass in water more fast after discover the mario can walk in water with maximun speed possible without swimming wall jump used to skip mid-point.After changing the day room to remove layer 3 i did for much lucky yeah i lucky reaching in yoshi and fist much fast before p-music stop.Back to night i discover with running state i lost much frames now with 37 hop not and using this and saving some frames.In vertical cave i very unlucky and i did 3 frames lag more than my previous run is not good.I saved 1220 frames in this stage this is the second stage than i save more frames.
Yoshi Abuse (5568) In autoscroll room i did one incredible thing i saved 2 frames in this room. In second room i skip the second yellow shell i never tryed because in my opinion yoshi falls much fast but i did .In third room i hitting the 2 blocks almost same time .After enter in pipe to make yoshi despawn i keep running state after no jumping in second line of spikes.In last room i only use two mushroons instead three and use wall jump to skip the third mushroom.This is the thrid level i saved most frame i saved 1136 frames
God Painful! 1 (5642) :The most potential improvement come in room before yellow switch skipping the green shelless koopa i lost much frames because i need luck manipulation in bowser's statue i saved here 74 frames
God Painful! 2 (5918) : the most potential improvement in this part come in fourth room using shell instead springboard to reach in door , in dark room i tryed to use another way to save time using the hole to get mushroom and using fake death but the result fail and die second time.I saved 276 frames.
God Painful! 3 (6177) In autoscroll room i tryed to carry with yoshi the green shell but not work and yoshi go and destroy the shell .In vertical part i hit only 2 invi-blocks to save time .I did star fast using wall jump saving a lot time because in my previous i lost the running state.In boss room i use the another wall to pass stage. I saved 259 frames total saved in the stage 609 frames.

Somebody can help me to make a comparison? I not have some .Dll and .Lua to make.



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