Super Mario 64 TAS Competition 2019 - Task 1


Super Mario 64 TAS Competition 2019 - Task 1


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Task Information:

In Whomp's Fortress, start by warping from the Shoot to the Wild Blue area to the area where the metal cap is (shown in the GIF), and collect 5 of the 7 custom placed red coins. End by collecting any star. Note that all enemies, elevators, moving platforms and the wall that covers the "Blast Away the Wall" star have been removed from the savestate.

- You may not interact with any enemies
- You may not BLJ
- You may not re-enter the warp after timing starts
- You may not collect any coins before timing starts
Time starts when the stage becomes visible after warping and ends when you see Mario celebrate after collecting the star.


1st. MKDasher 13"83
2nd. Nis 13"93
3rd. CeeSZee 13"97
3rd. Rush57 13"97
5th. Non5en5e 14"10
6th. CarbonMindPrint 14"20
7th. THC98 14"23
7th. Dargos 14"23
9th. fifdspence 14"30
10th. Superdavo0001 14"40
11th. Cynimal 14"47
12th. Tomatobird8 14"50
13th. Sk3p3x 14"57
14th. ERGC|Xander 14"60
15th. AleXx167 14"63
15th. Alexpalix1 14"63
17th. DyllonStej 14"77
18th. speedycube64 14"90
19th. Eddio0141 15"10
20th. Timestoppa 15"67
21st. jongyon 15"87
22nd. UnderWater 15"93
23rd. TimeTravelPenguin 16"37
24th. Kosmic 16"53
25th. Adeal 16"60
26th. Sylwer 16"87
27th. Madghostek 16"93
28th. Cankicker8 17"13
29th. LRFLEW 17"83
30th. LeddaZ 18"23
31st. Iwer Sonsch 18"30
32nd. nathan10nathan 18"47
33rd. kanef 19"00
34th. SadDummyBlooky 19"30
35th. Taechuk 19"90
36th. Missing Undefined 20"00
37th. Super Watermelon 64 20"40
38th. MrPyt1001 20"50
39th. scuttlebug raiser 20"83
40th. YO_WUZ_UP 20"93
41st. LukeSaward 21"33
42nd. Ystem 21"80
43rd. OpRoasts 22"33
44th. Amoeba 24"13
45th. MarioKiller 26"63
46th. GottenDesert0 27"10
47th. GuyClicking 29"20
48th. Ikonino 44"63

Xi - Longinus
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